Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Holy Crap! It's been six months?

So I finally log back in to realize I posted six months ago??? No wait, I can't count, seven months ago!!!!  So I'm totally off my bandwagon.  Have spent the last three months preparing to move, moving, and now settling into a new home in a new state.  Needless to say, I have not worked out in A WHILE!  I'm not sure I will even conquer this demon that is obesity, but I'm not ready to completely stop trying, yet; which brings me to tomorrow.

After the return of my top roll of fat, I am no ready to get back to the grind.  I joined a gym yesterday and head off to my first class tomorrow morning.  If I learned nothing from six months of boot camp and the last year and a half of Medifast, it is I am a "class" girl.  I am NOT going to make myself get on a treadmill or lift weights alone.  I need the accountability of being in a class setting to try to reach beyond what I would normally do.

So, please check in on me and I always love and appreciate your cheers!

I will not give a weight at the moment.  Last time I weighed, in June, I was 318.  My goal is to be 290 by Dec. 17th.  We'll see if I can hit that.

I will weigh in after a month of classes at this new gym and report back, but I'll update my blog before then.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 407

Weighed SUCH a plateau. 306.2.  :( :( (sad faces to infinity)
still doing bootcamp MWF
took two 1.25 mi walks this past week
down a size in everything

Laptop sucks.  I'm out.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For your entertainment...

I don't actually PLAN to post these everyday, but I saw this on today and started reading it and decided to have some fun with it.  My commentary will appear in bold after each section.  I've included the link should find this (the link, not my snarky comments) to be super helpful and want to pass it along to others.
7 Ways to Eat Less This Year

1. Grin yourself thin
To maintain a healthy weight, do something to make yourself smile. Scientists in Brazil say serotonin, the "happy hormone," reduces appetite, and higher levels of it make you more likely to burn fat.
I just want to know if smiling while I'm sitting and watching TV or smiling in my sleep will have the same benefits.

2. Crack some nuts
In an Eastern Illinois University study, people who were given shelled (that is, naked) pistachios ate 211 calories' worth while those who had the in-shell variety (you crack 'em open) consumed only 125 calories in the same sitting. To discover when you should eat more of your favorite foods, check out The Perfect Day of Eating.
Yes, and the actual truth is, pistachios are SO high in calories, this is probably the difference between eating 7 pistachios vs. 5 of them.

3. Put a fork in it
Your non-dominant hand, that is. You'll be more mindful of what you're eating and probably end up consuming less. (Using chopsticks works, too, especially if you're not a pro.) Just have plenty of napkins on hand. Another surefire way to eat less? Tack one of these motivational posters on your refrigerator to fend off snack attacks.
I've actually tried this in the past....the real truth is, you end up so frustrated you just dive for a box of Twinkies or a bag of chips in the end.  ;)

4. Use a cheat plate
With the Portion Plate ($12, you see partitions for meat (a quarter of the plate), whole grains (another quarter), and fruits and vegetables (half the plate), along with pictures of foods in the proper serving sizes to guide you.
I've kinda tried this in the past by using a salad plate for my meals....I end up piling food higher and/or having a second plateful because, it's such a small plate anyway, right?  Reminds me of comedian Jim Gaffigan's joke about mini-muffins and how they are not fooling anyone by making them smaller, he says, "oh, I'll just have one or twelve, they're really just muffin vitamins".

5. Add protein to your bison herd
Grill up a 3-ounce buffalo steak every now and then. It has only 148 calories and 4 grams of fat. Plus, the 26 grams of lean protein in that bison steak can keep you satisfied enough to decline dessert. And for foods to eat when you’re on the go, opt for these 5 Perfect Protein-Packed Gym Snacks.
Not for me....I've had buffalo burgers thanks.  Love the low cal and leanness, but I just....can' 

6. Be an early bird
Late risers not only eat more calories (almost 200 more at dinner and another 375 after 8 p.m.) but also eat more unhealthily than those who wake up around 8 a.m., according to a Northwestern University study.
I totally believe this.  I've not been able to sleep past 4:30/5 for the last 4-5 mos. and though I am up for boot camp three days a week, I think I DO eat less because I'm up early.  I will admit though, I often feel much hungrier (all day long) on boot camp days.  And believe me, I am NOT an early riser by choice!!!!!!!

7. Eat with a woman
Men consume 37 percent less when they eat with a wife or girlfriend than when they dine out with their buddies, according to researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
This will obviously only work for men, because when I've eaten with my girlfriends, it ends up a food free-for-all with everyone sharing appetizers (thus ordering MORE appetizers) and drinking wayyyyyy too much.  Never mind the brownies, m & m's this one is most definitely NOT intended for the ladies!

I think the one I'd like to try from this list is finding the portion plate...that is actually a super cool idea I think!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 395 - off to a so-so start but read on for a cool web link!

Monday was my official "re-start" for my efforts and was a mixed bag.  Did bootcamp (nearly killed me but was a great workout).  Food intake not so hot, but not a COMPLETE's the lowdown on that:

6:25 Kelloggs fiber plus bar 9g fiber, sugars 7g, protein 3g, cal 130

7:45 coffee w/creamer

9:00 MF choc shake 4g fiber, sugars 8g, protein 11g

11:30 MF cheese/pizza bites
1/4 c. peanuts (150 cal)

4:45 Kellogs fiber plus bar

5:30 LARGE cobb salad with bl cheese dressing on the side (not a typical dinner) AND about 10 french fries AND about 1/4 of my daughters cheeseburger AND about 1/4 of my OTHER daughter's hot dog AND about 20 tortilla chips w/salsa AND...I'm sure I forgot something.

2 20 oz. bottle of water today

That all looks so official because I'm currently keeping a one-week food diary for my bootcamp coach.  She's bugging me to let her sit-down and help me figure out what I should be eating.

Today I am doing much better about my food.  I'm always off to an awesome start.  I usually begin to fall apart anytime between 11 and 1.

HOWEVER, none of that is the real reason for this post....I saw this via and just loved it and wanted to share the link with YOU!

Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

I liked it so much, I'm going to copy it to a word doc and print it and post it in my kitchen.  I love nearly everything on the list!!!

Have a great day and happy eating, moving, whatever!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 393 - yeah, I missed the one year more ways than one!

SO Dec. 17th, came and went with no fanfare.  My weight on that date was about 306.  Officially making my one year mark as -52 lbs.  I was hoping for 100.  I was hoping for another 100 by Dec. 17, 2012 but I don't know if that will happen either.

Last year, I fared quite well during the holidays since I started MediFast one week before Christmas.  This year, boredom with the program, and allowing myself to lapse into bad habits, not so easy, BUT (there's always a BUT)...I'm not sorely disappointed.  Yes I've gotten a great start and have learned SOOOO much.  I just need to constantly remember what I learned and put it into action daily and again, refuse to let myself off the hook.

I have no GRAND plans for how to proceed in 2012 except that I have set one goal I'd like to hit, and I think I can make it happen, but it'll take a re-commitment to my food and my mindset. I am trying to hit 275 by my birthday, March 3rd.  I THINK this is do-able.

As I write this, I'm off to a terrible start, half a sausage/egg croissant, a slice of Margherita pizza, a cinammon roll, and my usual coffee.  Oh and did I mention the 1.5 oz. of brie I consumed this morning as well!  Goodness.  Ah well, I'm aiming for full-disclosure here.  I am halfway through my first bottle of water though!!!

In September, I added bootcamp.  Two mornings a week at first and now I'm up to three mornings a week.  It's 5:30 a.m. and a one hour class.  It is a very good class and I've seen some HUGE changes in the overall shape of my body.  The best changes have come from feeling stronger though.  I have MUCH more endurance and my legs are wickedly strong.  I could kick your ankles, maybe even your knees, really hard if I had to!  LOL.

So where do I plan to be, by Dec. 17th?  I have no idea.  Well under the 300 mark, yes.  All the way to 175?  I doubt it.  But we'll see.

My plan for the rest of the day....shake (when I feel hungry again), shake, shake, and then a decent dinner followed with copious amounts of water.  Oh and I plan to try an old Jane Fonda workout with the kids.

Starting another blog as part of a 365 day experiment, will include some weight loss stuff, but this blog will remain as the focus of that journey for me.  New (additional blog) is: (the URL will make sense when you read the blog title).

Oh and for those of you whining for a new picture.  Forget it.  I had Rob take some of me last night...too close, wrong clothes, just not what I wanted to show.  Give me this week to get my act back together. 
I will post something next weekend.

Happy New Year, hope 2012 is good to everyone.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 343, yeah, I'm a liar, so what?! (picture post)

Typical undiagnosed adult with ADD....I'm gonna post every day for a week! maybe not.  LOL.

Food continues to plague me.  Again, not going off the deep-end on binges, just having too many little extras.

Anyway, booty camp is kick ass!  I'm loving it and I'm seeing results!!!!  I've been 9 times in the last four weeks and today I've posted my most recent pic from Aug.  The new pic was taken last night.

Picture on the left, taken 8.8.11; picture on the right taken 11.11.11.  Don't mind my dorky hair in the 'pink' picture....obviously I didn't bother with it.  Ha!

I'm not excited yet about how I look, 'cause I'm not there yet, but I'm pleased with my progress.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 315 - first of a week-long posting binge!

I'm just going to mix this all up a bit.  I decided this morning AFTER my 5:30 a.m. (yes A.M. not P.M.) workout that I would try blogging daily for one week to see what impact is has on my efforts.  I think maybe I'm not saying enough?  LOL.  One secret fear I have is what if we have a finite number of words we speak in a lifetime, like cellphone minutes, right?  Only if you run out of words, you can't buy any more.  (Uh, Pat, I need to buy a bunch of vowels and some more consonants too!)  Your average person probably doesn't use 5 million words in a lifetime right? or may 10? or who knows (I've done no research on this) but I know I'm using my share and probably several others' shares as well!

Okay, the theme (yes this post has a theme)...yesterday I had an epiphany.  I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about a lady she met at her bed and breakfast ( for those of you are like me and get distracted with the fact my mom owns a b and b) and this gal lost 150 lbs. on her own.  She didn't follow any plan or diet, didn't do WW etc.  However, what she shared with my mom were just a BUNCH of little tricks, modifications, "things" she's done all along the way that have helped her stay true to her goal.   I realized that this isn't about finding ONE thing to do this but it really is a bunch of little things you try.  I know that might SEEM obvious, but I don't know if it really is.  What I was intrigued by, as my mom shared this story, was that she did LOTS of things and mixed it up as she went along; she did one or two things and when those things stopped being effective, she tried something else.  It made me realize, that's what I've been doing too (probably not to the degree this gal had....but nonetheless). 

I think in tomorrow's blog post, I will post all the things she did plus add what I do too.  These things may all be things you yourself have tried and if not, maybe you'll find something you can implement for yourself.

I haven't weighed in a couple of weeks because I've snacked a lot and eaten out a bit more than normal (or my NEW normal) but I've continued to drink water and do my daily workouts.  I started an early morning bootcamp last week and am going twice a week.  I have to say, as surprising as it may seem, I already notice some tiny differences.  I modify the crap out of all the stuff we do, but the workout itself and the intensity are plenty to get my heartrate up and make me work my muscles pretty good.  I still go to Curves EVERY day, even on bootcamp days.

Right now, I'm giving myself permission that since I'm feeling very weak about food and avoiding it, I can at least ramp up my movement.  And don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting around binging on donuts, Twinkies etc. but I'm snacking on crackers, nuts, extra cheese etc.

Thanks for keeping up with my efforts! :)

Oh, p.s. here's ONE tip from the lady my mom spoke with...she has an addictive personality (as we know most of us overweight folks do...) so she realized she needed to replace her eating addiction with a distraction (read ANOTHER addiction); so she focused on video games.  When she's feeling hungry, bored, desire to eat when she doesn't really need to eat....she plays video games. Unfortunately, she's found herself really challenged to pull herself away from the games and has just traded one addictive behavior for another, at least she isn't eating.  She does warn that while this has worked well for her, she does find herself hungry after playing (because sometimes she is caught up in a game for a LITTLE too long) so she has to be cautious not to start devouring food when she's done playing.

Have a great Friday! (or rest of your Friday)