Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 393 - yeah, I missed the one year more ways than one!

SO Dec. 17th, came and went with no fanfare.  My weight on that date was about 306.  Officially making my one year mark as -52 lbs.  I was hoping for 100.  I was hoping for another 100 by Dec. 17, 2012 but I don't know if that will happen either.

Last year, I fared quite well during the holidays since I started MediFast one week before Christmas.  This year, boredom with the program, and allowing myself to lapse into bad habits, not so easy, BUT (there's always a BUT)...I'm not sorely disappointed.  Yes I've gotten a great start and have learned SOOOO much.  I just need to constantly remember what I learned and put it into action daily and again, refuse to let myself off the hook.

I have no GRAND plans for how to proceed in 2012 except that I have set one goal I'd like to hit, and I think I can make it happen, but it'll take a re-commitment to my food and my mindset. I am trying to hit 275 by my birthday, March 3rd.  I THINK this is do-able.

As I write this, I'm off to a terrible start, half a sausage/egg croissant, a slice of Margherita pizza, a cinammon roll, and my usual coffee.  Oh and did I mention the 1.5 oz. of brie I consumed this morning as well!  Goodness.  Ah well, I'm aiming for full-disclosure here.  I am halfway through my first bottle of water though!!!

In September, I added bootcamp.  Two mornings a week at first and now I'm up to three mornings a week.  It's 5:30 a.m. and a one hour class.  It is a very good class and I've seen some HUGE changes in the overall shape of my body.  The best changes have come from feeling stronger though.  I have MUCH more endurance and my legs are wickedly strong.  I could kick your ankles, maybe even your knees, really hard if I had to!  LOL.

So where do I plan to be, by Dec. 17th?  I have no idea.  Well under the 300 mark, yes.  All the way to 175?  I doubt it.  But we'll see.

My plan for the rest of the day....shake (when I feel hungry again), shake, shake, and then a decent dinner followed with copious amounts of water.  Oh and I plan to try an old Jane Fonda workout with the kids.

Starting another blog as part of a 365 day experiment, will include some weight loss stuff, but this blog will remain as the focus of that journey for me.  New (additional blog) is: (the URL will make sense when you read the blog title).

Oh and for those of you whining for a new picture.  Forget it.  I had Rob take some of me last night...too close, wrong clothes, just not what I wanted to show.  Give me this week to get my act back together. 
I will post something next weekend.

Happy New Year, hope 2012 is good to everyone.

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