Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 315 - first of a week-long posting binge!

I'm just going to mix this all up a bit.  I decided this morning AFTER my 5:30 a.m. (yes A.M. not P.M.) workout that I would try blogging daily for one week to see what impact is has on my efforts.  I think maybe I'm not saying enough?  LOL.  One secret fear I have is what if we have a finite number of words we speak in a lifetime, like cellphone minutes, right?  Only if you run out of words, you can't buy any more.  (Uh, Pat, I need to buy a bunch of vowels and some more consonants too!)  Your average person probably doesn't use 5 million words in a lifetime right? or may 10? or who knows (I've done no research on this) but I know I'm using my share and probably several others' shares as well!

Okay, the theme (yes this post has a theme)...yesterday I had an epiphany.  I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about a lady she met at her bed and breakfast ( for those of you are like me and get distracted with the fact my mom owns a b and b) and this gal lost 150 lbs. on her own.  She didn't follow any plan or diet, didn't do WW etc.  However, what she shared with my mom were just a BUNCH of little tricks, modifications, "things" she's done all along the way that have helped her stay true to her goal.   I realized that this isn't about finding ONE thing to do this but it really is a bunch of little things you try.  I know that might SEEM obvious, but I don't know if it really is.  What I was intrigued by, as my mom shared this story, was that she did LOTS of things and mixed it up as she went along; she did one or two things and when those things stopped being effective, she tried something else.  It made me realize, that's what I've been doing too (probably not to the degree this gal had....but nonetheless). 

I think in tomorrow's blog post, I will post all the things she did plus add what I do too.  These things may all be things you yourself have tried and if not, maybe you'll find something you can implement for yourself.

I haven't weighed in a couple of weeks because I've snacked a lot and eaten out a bit more than normal (or my NEW normal) but I've continued to drink water and do my daily workouts.  I started an early morning bootcamp last week and am going twice a week.  I have to say, as surprising as it may seem, I already notice some tiny differences.  I modify the crap out of all the stuff we do, but the workout itself and the intensity are plenty to get my heartrate up and make me work my muscles pretty good.  I still go to Curves EVERY day, even on bootcamp days.

Right now, I'm giving myself permission that since I'm feeling very weak about food and avoiding it, I can at least ramp up my movement.  And don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting around binging on donuts, Twinkies etc. but I'm snacking on crackers, nuts, extra cheese etc.

Thanks for keeping up with my efforts! :)

Oh, p.s. here's ONE tip from the lady my mom spoke with...she has an addictive personality (as we know most of us overweight folks do...) so she realized she needed to replace her eating addiction with a distraction (read ANOTHER addiction); so she focused on video games.  When she's feeling hungry, bored, desire to eat when she doesn't really need to eat....she plays video games. Unfortunately, she's found herself really challenged to pull herself away from the games and has just traded one addictive behavior for another, at least she isn't eating.  She does warn that while this has worked well for her, she does find herself hungry after playing (because sometimes she is caught up in a game for a LITTLE too long) so she has to be cautious not to start devouring food when she's done playing.

Have a great Friday! (or rest of your Friday)

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