Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For your entertainment...

I don't actually PLAN to post these everyday, but I saw this on today and started reading it and decided to have some fun with it.  My commentary will appear in bold after each section.  I've included the link should find this (the link, not my snarky comments) to be super helpful and want to pass it along to others.
7 Ways to Eat Less This Year

1. Grin yourself thin
To maintain a healthy weight, do something to make yourself smile. Scientists in Brazil say serotonin, the "happy hormone," reduces appetite, and higher levels of it make you more likely to burn fat.
I just want to know if smiling while I'm sitting and watching TV or smiling in my sleep will have the same benefits.

2. Crack some nuts
In an Eastern Illinois University study, people who were given shelled (that is, naked) pistachios ate 211 calories' worth while those who had the in-shell variety (you crack 'em open) consumed only 125 calories in the same sitting. To discover when you should eat more of your favorite foods, check out The Perfect Day of Eating.
Yes, and the actual truth is, pistachios are SO high in calories, this is probably the difference between eating 7 pistachios vs. 5 of them.

3. Put a fork in it
Your non-dominant hand, that is. You'll be more mindful of what you're eating and probably end up consuming less. (Using chopsticks works, too, especially if you're not a pro.) Just have plenty of napkins on hand. Another surefire way to eat less? Tack one of these motivational posters on your refrigerator to fend off snack attacks.
I've actually tried this in the past....the real truth is, you end up so frustrated you just dive for a box of Twinkies or a bag of chips in the end.  ;)

4. Use a cheat plate
With the Portion Plate ($12, you see partitions for meat (a quarter of the plate), whole grains (another quarter), and fruits and vegetables (half the plate), along with pictures of foods in the proper serving sizes to guide you.
I've kinda tried this in the past by using a salad plate for my meals....I end up piling food higher and/or having a second plateful because, it's such a small plate anyway, right?  Reminds me of comedian Jim Gaffigan's joke about mini-muffins and how they are not fooling anyone by making them smaller, he says, "oh, I'll just have one or twelve, they're really just muffin vitamins".

5. Add protein to your bison herd
Grill up a 3-ounce buffalo steak every now and then. It has only 148 calories and 4 grams of fat. Plus, the 26 grams of lean protein in that bison steak can keep you satisfied enough to decline dessert. And for foods to eat when you’re on the go, opt for these 5 Perfect Protein-Packed Gym Snacks.
Not for me....I've had buffalo burgers thanks.  Love the low cal and leanness, but I just....can' 

6. Be an early bird
Late risers not only eat more calories (almost 200 more at dinner and another 375 after 8 p.m.) but also eat more unhealthily than those who wake up around 8 a.m., according to a Northwestern University study.
I totally believe this.  I've not been able to sleep past 4:30/5 for the last 4-5 mos. and though I am up for boot camp three days a week, I think I DO eat less because I'm up early.  I will admit though, I often feel much hungrier (all day long) on boot camp days.  And believe me, I am NOT an early riser by choice!!!!!!!

7. Eat with a woman
Men consume 37 percent less when they eat with a wife or girlfriend than when they dine out with their buddies, according to researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
This will obviously only work for men, because when I've eaten with my girlfriends, it ends up a food free-for-all with everyone sharing appetizers (thus ordering MORE appetizers) and drinking wayyyyyy too much.  Never mind the brownies, m & m's this one is most definitely NOT intended for the ladies!

I think the one I'd like to try from this list is finding the portion plate...that is actually a super cool idea I think!

Have a great day!

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