Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 308 - I'm still here!

I've had a tough month with food.  I'm not working right now (yes I'm looking!!!) and I'm finding myself snacking a lot during the day.  Not large amounts of anything or even really bad things...a handful of nuts, some saltines with a tiny amount of PB on them, a yogurt, small crackers, etc.  The problem is I'm doing that too much during the day.  And I'm exhausted so busying myself with distractions isn't appealing as I just don't feel well and continue to be really fatigued.  Yes, I've had bloodwork done within the last 6 mos. and nothing appears to be out of the ordinary.

This week I decided to step things up and start doing an early morning boot camp.  To make my money go further, I'm just doing it two days per week so since I've just started, I've only been twice.  I kept up both times.  I modified most of the exercises but did the full reps.  I must modify more and do fewer reps or sit some out.  I've been nearly crippled all week.  We do lots of lunges and squats therefore, my thighs and hips and legs are KILLING, I repeat, KILLING me.  And I'm still exhausted.  Yes I continue to go to Curves every day; even on the days of boot camp.

I haven't weighed in about two weeks but I was back over 300 by a few lbs. when I did.  I will probably brave the scale tomorrow even if I don't wanna.

I continue to be pretty good with my water....getting at least 60 oz. every day and 80 oz. on more days than not and once in awhile 100 oz. (which is my goal for every day).

I've decided that more movement is going to be the thing to get me to the next level and past this very obvious plateau I've landed upon.  The problem with more movement is that it's killing me.  6 mos. of working out daily, I should not feel this crappy.

Anyway...that's my update.  I was hoping to hit -100 by Dec. 17th.  I don't see that happening but I think I could drop another 20 lbs. by then, just gotta get re-committed.

Thanks for reading and keep me in your thoughts.


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